Signs of a Full Septic Tank

  • Gurgling sounds or noises when running water in pipes
  • Slow draining
  • Bubbling in stools when flushing toilets
  • Low water level in stool after flushing
  • Flooding in shower stall or garage floor drain, or washer drain when running water
  • Sewer gas odor in the house
  • Flooding when water softener recyles in middle of night
  • Seepage at base of stool

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What causes the thick crust in my septic tank?
The crust is the organic material that has congealed into a solid mass. This condition can indicate a bacterial deficiency. Have the tank pumped to avoid future problems.

Will acid help my septic system?
Acids and chemicals work only temporarily. They are extremely dangerous to use and are harmful to the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency has banned the use of these hazardous materials in many places.

I had my tank pumped out last week. Is it possible that it's full already?
Not only is it possible, it's necessary. Septic tanks are designed to operate full for proper water/solids separation.

Is there anything I can put in my tank to avoid pumping?
No. Some of the material in the tank is not biodegradable. This material must be pumped out.

Does it help to add yeast, baking soda or inoculants?
Yeast merely provides a fermentation environment. It does not provide bacteria. Baking soda raises the pH in the tank and also provides no bacteria. A high pH can harm the septic process. The benefits of inoculants are inconclusive.

My system recently backed up for the first time in years. Why should I start maintaining it now?
Even though the backup may have been caused by broken pipes, tree roots intruding into your lines, or some other obstruction, it is also possible that this backup is the first sign of system failure. If you don't start a maintenance program right away, you may be replacing your system soon.

What are the signs of system failure?
Typical signs of system failure are sluggish drains, plumbing backups, gurgling sounds in your pipes, outdoor odor and mushy ground in the area of the septic system.

Is there anything that I can't put down my system?
YES! Do not put items down drains that may clog septic tanks such as fats, grease, coffee grounds, paper towels, sanitary napkins, condoms, tampons, or disposable diapers. Do not put toxic substances such as solvents, degreasers, acids, oils, paints, disinfectants and pesticides in drains. Normal household cleaning chemicals, when used in moderation, should not affect the system.